Traditiona energy vs renewable energy

oil pump silhouette and alternative energy in a sunset background


                  We produce carbon dioxide every day through our life wich will stay in the Eart’s atmosphere for hundreds of years. This will increase the warmth of our planet Earth or Gaya how I like to call it.

  The carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. We cannot continue poisoning our planet. We need to find alternative technologies to replace the current ones wich have better or comparable performance but do not emit carbon dioxide.

  Alternative or renewable energy will need to play a bigger role in the future due to the climate change, population growth and fossil fuel depletion.

  Alternative energies have a lower carbon emission, and some of this are: biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and hydroelectric energy.Why not take advantage what Earth gives us for free? And most important is that they will never run out., they are constantly and sustainably replenished.

  On the other side, traditional energy sources will run out and replenishing them will be expensive as the demand of the growing population is also growing. Some of the traditional sources used today are fossil fuel, electric power and nuclear power.
Fossil fuels are the coal, oil and natural gas. These provide over 85% of the energy consumed in the United States as electricity and transportation fuel. Oil is the blood of Americas economy.

  Oil represents 40% of our total energy demand and 99% of the fuel used for transportation. The price of oil is keep increasing its becoming costly to produce.The majority of easy to find oil was discovered and producing more will end up being costly. For every barrel of oil extracted, nearly two barrels of oil remain in the ground. To stop leaving behind so much oil we better technologies to find and produce more oil, without leaving so much of it behind.

  More than half of the electricity in the United States comes from coal wich will continue to be the dominant material used for electric power production in most part because has a low cost and is abundant, at list for now.

  Burning fossil fuel creates carbon dioxide and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere causing the global warming. The impact of global warming is huge and affects many areas. Increasing temperatures in Arctic and Antartica are causing the ice to melt wich will increase the level of the sea and change the composition of the sea water. (more…)