Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels on the roof of the parking structure

  Our earth is just one of the many planets orbiting around the sun. Everything within our solar system hangs in a delicate balance of distance between each object. Space and the vastness of it is mind-blowing when you think about it. Of all the bodies in space, earth is the only one we know that supports life naturally. Gaia, earth, has the perfect atmosphere for a thriving existence. This is made possible by the sun and the energy we get from it. Without an exact distance from the sun, the earth would either be too hot or too cold to sustain a living organism. The sun not only provides us daylight, but other benefits like vitamin D, lowers blood pressure and is a mood enhancer. However, the sun’s effects do not just stop with just physical benefits.

  Over the years, scientists and innovators have begun to realize the potential energy the sun can provide us. As we continue to deplete unrenewable resources, the need for a renewable alternative has never been greater. Great strides have been made to move towards alternative forms of energy such as wind powered electricity and battery powered cars. Both of these sustainable energy sources provide a fantastic alternative to our ever depleting oil and gas resources. With that being said, they do not harness the sun’s endless solar energy.
Solar energy is something that has been experimented with for centuries with the first documented discovery in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel1. In the more recent future, solar power is becoming more and more accepted in America to the point where it is a household necessity for some. (more…)