Renewable Energy from garbage and sewage

  The technology of using raw sewage and garbage to create energy is not a new concept, but the concept is catching on more and more.  Many are practicing sustainable living to make sure that we are becoming more eco-friendly as time goes on.  Many companies and technologies are evolving Read More

Benefits of Solar Panels

  Our earth is just one of the many planets orbiting around the sun. Everything within our solar system hangs in a delicate balance of distance between each object. Space and the vastness of it is mind-blowing when you think about it. Of all the bodies in space, earth is Read More

Traditiona energy vs renewable energy

                    We produce carbon dioxide every day through our life wich will stay in the Eart’s atmosphere for hundreds of years. This will increase the warmth of our planet Earth or Gaya how I like to call it.   The carbon Read More